Dennis Waters Design Inc.

Description of Our Design Services

Dennis Waters Design Inc.  has two main design services we provide our clients.  One is (A) Design Consultations for Construction Projects and the other being the (B) Comprehensive Design Services for all our Interior Design Projects.  Depending on the client’s needs most of our clients fall into one or the other categories.  Listed below is a more descriptive explanation of these services.

A)     Design Consultations for Construction Projects:

 Most of the Design Consultations for Construction Projects are solely fee based services, however hourly rates may apply for some special projects.  

The square footage size of the project and the physical location of the project will be determining factors for our services and the consultation fee we charge our clients.  Inclusive in our Consultation Fee is a Project Binder for organizing the information that is accumulated in the course of construction.   The following areas are included in our consultation fee:

·         Exterior selections for the home including roof, stucco, brick, stone, trim colors, stain colors etc.

·         Furniture layouts for all areas of the home

·         Selection of  Plumbing fixtures

·         Selection of appliances

·         Selection of Lighting and fan fixtures

·         Electrical walk-through

·         Coordination and selection of cabinet styles and features

·         Selection of all countertops and backsplashes

·         Selection of all bath materials and designs

·         Selection of interior finishes – Paint, Stain, Venetian Plaster, Faux Finishes, etc.

·         Selection of all flooring materials

·         Selection of iron railings for stairs, balconies, and driveway gates

·         Consultation with Specialists in areas of Smarthome, Home Theater, and Security features

·         All meetings with clients, project supervision and research time



B)     Comprehensive Design Services for all our Interior Design Projects:

The Comprehensive Design Services for all our Interior Design Projects are typically provided at no charge to the client providing the client purchases the furnishings through Dennis Waters Design Inc. These services include the following:

·         Furniture layout plans

·         Furniture Selection

·         Special finishes including; faux finishes, stencils, Venetian Plaster, etc.

·         Color Schematics

·         Selections of accessories, art, lamps, chandeliers, rugs, and floor coverings

·         Custom window treatment designs

·         All meetings and field trips to showrooms and in home consultations


1.      When the client wishes to only consult and not purchase their furnishings:                                     In the advent that the client does not choose to purchase the items that they consulted with us on the client will be billed for the designer’s time at the rate at an hourly rate.  This includes time utilized at meetings with clients or others in regards to the client’s  project, time spent putting together proposals and estimates, research and supervision of any work as it relates to the project. 

2.      Travel time will not be billed for unless the project (or where the place where the designer’s time is utilized) is beyond a 25 mile radius from our Southlake design studio address.

3.      In keeping with our strong desire to provide our clients with the very best interior design service we fully understand that it is not always possible at the beginning of a project to determine if the client is going to go forward with their project.  So we have made a provision that gives the client 2 hours of free design consultation at the start of each project.  The two hours provide the client with a window to determine if they are serious in the procurement of our design services. 

4.      In addition to the 2 free hours of consultation, we want to provide our clients with every opportunity to utilized the time with their designer to their very best advantage so whenever we do bill for our time the client has the option of using the fee amount for purchasing their furnishings with our 10% rebate purchase plan for any of the furnishings the client decides to purchase during the following six month time period.  (All sales tax, shipping, and delivery fees are excluded from this 10% rebate purchase plan.)